Comflow’s Featured Projects

Explore some of our diverse portfolio of HVAC projects located all across Houston! From safeguarding government facilities such as police stations and border control buildings to optimizing comfort in manufacturing plants and medical facilities, our expertise spans across various sectors. Whether it’s new construction ventures or HVAC service projects, we’ve delivered tailored solutions with excellence and precision.

Houston Colport

Comflow is proud of this new construction project because of the massive building space needed for service. Houston Colport has 20,000 st. ft. for offices, 211,714 sq. ft. of freezer storage and 43,571 sq. ft. cold dock. Comflow design built 13 package roof top units for this space and did so within a very tight time frame and limited equipment availability.

Texas Manufacturing Company

Comflow continues to aid this manufacturing company with servicing their current units. We are able to provide quick lead times and fair pricing. This unit is a 12-ton TRU with electric heat kit that services 3,600 sq. ft and requires approximately 1 day of service time. We ensure to not interrupt business as well as maintain employee comfort.

Department of Motor Vehicles

Houston DMV contracted Comflow for this service project to work with a 10-ton split system replacement. This government building is a very busy location so we were able to complete the work within 1 day over the weekend to not interrupt business hours. The total space served under this unit is approximately 3,000 sq. ft.

Houston Customs and Border Control

This project reflects our ability to not interrupt business hours. We arrived on site at 7 am and were able to remove the old units, install these two new chillers and have both units back up and running the same day with clean-up time included.

Sterling McCall Genesis

This was a special project for Comflow as it was a new construction and service site. We installed 9 roof top units with CO2 ventilation and control system. We had to coordinate our installation scheduling with interior remodel and new construction timeframes but continue to deliver a completed project on time and budget.

Sam Houston Race Track

Comflow removed and installed new 100hp motor and pump with very low impact to the customers normal operation due to our swift work with installment during the planned shutdown. Comflow also installed a new data air unit in their server room. The client’s prior system was costly to repair and maintain so we were able to a new and cost-effective replacement. The new unit was removed and installed within one working day.

Delegated Tools

For this service project Comflow replaced an old heater that was beyond repair. It features a 300,000 BTU warehouse heater with programmable thermostat that would adequately serve the 15,000 sq. ft. space. With winter quickly approaching Comflow was able to complete this installation before temperatures dropped in winter. This project was completed within the same day with no interruptions to business functionality.

City of Belleville Police Department

This new construction site was for the City of Bellville Police Department and included a 3 pipe VRF system with dedicated outside air units. Comflow installed these systems to ensure they would serve all of the 8,000 sq. ft. of the building adequately. This style of unit allows for simultaneous heating and cooling in different zones from the same condensing unit.


Comflow worked with BMS Cat on the installation of 7 new split system units divided up between 3 buildings. This totals to 43.5 tons of cooling and approximately 8,100 pounds of ductwork which serves a total of 14,000 sq. ft. of heating and cooling space. These buildings were once burned down and we are working with a restoration company to bring them back to full functionality.